Camphill Svetlana

Leningrad County, Russia

An impression...

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Villages cluster along both banks of the river Syass on its way NW towards Lake Ladoga, the largest inland lake in Europe. Our own village, just 10 km from the lake, is however a little different. For a start, it is smaller than the others, with just four houses, a farm, a garden workshop, a few farm buildings and a banya (Russian sauna.). There also appears to be much more common activity than in the neighboring villages. Another feature is that about half of the 35-40 people who live here are developmentally disabled or, in need of special understanding. If you happen to be taking a stroll through the village, they may come up to you and ask where you are from. They might also ask about your family. Before very long it can be surprising how much they have already found out about you...

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Happiness (scenes of Life)

Svetlana is looking for a new Head Gardener!

We have a well established biodynamic garden that is looking for an individual or a couple to lead and organize the gardening efforts. There is an incredible amount of freedom to expand on past initiatives and begin your own. The garden enlists lots of helping hands in the summer and has become more beautiful, bountiful and self-sufficient each year. The garden provides the village with food as well as a source of income, and cooperates with the rest of the farm as an important therapeutic tool.

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'harvest of a million potatoes'...

Award-winning composer and filmmaker Gunnar Madsen has made a 45 minute film portraying the people of Svetlana and their 'harvest of a million potatoes' in the fall of 2000.


Ninety miles east of St. Petersburg in Russia, a small community of people is growing its own organic food and attracting a lot of attention from the neighbors and the government. The attention comes partly because their farm is successful, but mainly because nearly half of the residents of this community are developmentally disabled. These disabled people had been considered incapable of taking care of themselves before coming here. Now, living together with dedicated volunteers from Russia and around the world, they are working members of a remarkable pioneering community...

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Contact us...

If you are interested in applying to come live and work in Svetlana, we would like to hear from you. Co-workers are provided room and board and a modest monthly stipend to cover personal expenses, and time off to travel and visit nearby St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. Please contact Sarah H. in Svetlana for more details, including in your first letter or email your interest in coming, the approximate dates you’d be able to stay, and any other relevant information or questions :

RUSSIA, 187439 Leningrad County
Volchov District, Aleksino Village
Camphill Village Svetlana c/o Sarah Hagnauer

Mobile: +7 921 9821 335
Tel (not always in service): +7 813 6338 760

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